Cannabis & THC Dosage Information

Cannabis Information & THC Dosage

Hey hey! Again, welcome to Oui'D! We're so excited about this brand and it's potential and future. We're serious about cannabis here and want to be as transparent as possible with you. With that said, we just wanted to drop a little cannabis knowledge on you, our tribe. Oui'D is a brand of love first and foremost. We're here for anything you need. Whether you're just starting your cannabis journey, or a frequent user, we have something for you. Feedback always welcome!


Cannabis 101

Did you know your body naturally produces cannabinoids? We are all equipped with an endocannabinoid system. Research has only just begun to tap into exactly what this system regulates in our bodies. We do know that it helps to keep some bodily functions operating smoothly, and our bodies produce it as we need it. Some of those functions are our sleep patterns, moods, appetites, memory, & reproduction and fertility systems. I bet these sound familiar, when you think of the effects of THC and what it affects in/on your body when you're high.

The cannabis plant has several different cannabinoids that present different effects on the human body. Our endocannabinoid system reacts differently to the different cannabinoids of the plant. In the case of Oui'D Brand products, that cannabinoid is THC. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid of the cannabis plant. You may think of terms like 'high', 'trip' or 'tripping', 'wavy', 'blasted', 'cooked', and 'faded', when you think of the effects THC have on you.

There's different strains of the cannabis plant. Some strains may relax you, and make you sleepy. Some strains may leave you stuck to the couch losing hours and not even realizing it. And some strains will have you focused, creative, and talking to anyone or anything that will listen. These effects are most commonly categorized in to 3 types. Sativas(my favorite), Indicas, and Hybrids.

Sativas are generally associated with 'head highs'. In other words, your high will effect you more mentally than physically. Euphoric, focused, creative, talkative, energetic, happy, day time use, and uplifted are often used to describe the effects of sativas. Great for the 'wake and bake'.

Indicas are the exact opposite. These strains are very commonly known for putting in you what most call 'couch lock'. Indicas present you with a 'body high'. These strains sometimes carry extreme sedative effects. Some other common effects of indicas are intense relaxation, drowsiness, calm, stuck, and lazy. Used often for pain relief as well.

Hybrids are bringing you effects that can take on characteristics of both Indicas and Sativas. Most hybrids will present you with a well balanced high. They work either way. Whether you're channeling your creative side, or need some serious relaxation balanced hybrids will likely get the job done. There's also indica-dominant, & sativa-dominant hybrids, that take on heavier effects of the mentioned strain types.

Research is still very new on cannabis and its effects on the human body. And as it's positive medicinal uses come more and more to the light, it has become more popular amongst everyday people. And it's currently experiencing wide spread cycle of decriminalization. Here, we celebrate it. Cannabis brings peace, joy, pain relief, rest, relaxtion, sleep, anxiety relief and so much more to so many who need it, daily. And the possibilities are only beginning to surface.

Cannabis Consumption & Dosage Recommendations

When you smoke cannabis the effects are almost instantaneous. It takes a fraction of a second for the THC to infiltrate the walls of your lungs. And the onset of the effects begin within seconds, and last >2 hours. Consuming cannabis through an edible or drink is a completely different experience. It's ingested through your GI Tract and takes a longer, slower route to the brain. The onset can happen anywhere between 30-90 minutes, 2-4 hours. You will be high almost twice as long as when you smoke.

It's also very hard to control, with all the factors in play. When you feel the onset of your effects while smoking, you can simply stop smoking. When eating/drinking cannabis, it's there. There is no stopping what's coming. And you have to consider the strain, the THC content, the type of food or drink infused, what you've eaten, and the last time you've eaten. All these and more will affect how your body reacts to eating or drinking cannabis. So our suggestion, as of that of most cannabis enthusiasts and experts, is to START SLOW. The recommended dosage for starters is 5-10mg THC.

This suggestion is advised for everyone, including frequent users. Again consuming cannabis through eating or drinking is a different experience. You can get higher, and your high will last longer. Controlling these effects are difficult. We highly recommend cutting our products with uninfused products, and micro-dosing until you're entirely comfortable with the effects. And as always, please feel free to reach out with any questions. 

This information was researched and put together by Oui'D.